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29.08.23Few months ago (like 2? I don't remember) I've set a goal for myself that oriented my following art journey:"By the end of this year I'll bring my work to comprehensible state that I can show to my mom"Because what even was my body of work until now? Tons of fanarts, random vibes, some showcasing of me understanding characters and wanting to expand on their stories so tons of comics about that as well, yadda yadda...A lot of scripts and ideas that I was supposed to execute.. someday? I guess?...I used to tell her I'll make it big. I'll become a script writer. I'll become a director. I'll be making movies. I'll be making cartoons. I'll be making ART. I'll be telling stories....When will that be, little me?...I think preceding of me setting this goal was the moment of realizations that:- Holy shit this is my life, like, I'm living my life and this will be the rest of it.
- My mom won't be there forever and neither will I.
- I'm not waking up one day as a director or whoever else that has it easy to tell all the stories they want.
...Not implying that directors have it easy. Just that this childish "easy" thinking has plagued my mind for far longer than it should.Haha......It was never supposed to be easy, little me...So anyway, all that poetry aside. What am I trying to say in concrete words?Since I've set that goal I started putting in more work towards my original art and telling stories. I've started to steer my art in one direction, I've started investigating what is it really that I want to do here.I've started new original work, and my first script where I actually know what I'm trying to say. And that it's something I really want to say. is something special to me personally and to my relationship with her because she's who indirectly pushed me to this.Since then I started taking definitive steps to where I want to go. I finished the prologue and then started the first chapter. I bought myself a domain. I have ideas and goals for it, I want to do many many things.Today is the day I realized that I'm meant to do even more.Basically I've realized I got 4 months left in my deadline hah! So I'll cut to the case, I'll be making plan here for small goals. That's it.4 months. 17 weeks.month 1: finish and post part 1 & 2 (marked in my script) of Drifting Ego ( Work on my website in meantime, finish smaller sub-goals.month 2: other works. I'm yet to decide which one I'll want to use. Or one week for each short thing? We shall see.month 3 & 4: I'll update the goals once I'll get there ;)also I'll add big coundown widget here because I can, lol!

    27.10.23Yeah, I'm behind my schedule. happens.As I was starting this I was aware that I'm giving myself really hard task but 1) I knew I'm totally up to the challenge 2) it's been a fun challenge so far but DEAR GOD AKJDFHA it's not easyAnyway, there were plenty of things I've learned along the way (which I wouldn't If I was just sitting there perfecting the script and just imagining it in my head):Tricky thing about telling a minimalistic story like that is that, surprisingly, every little detail matters. I knew that already but only truly learned how to work with it when seeing it with my own eyes.And as I was starting this I had a number of details that will be important but for some I wasn't sure, it was still not clear to me like what assets I would be needing. Now that the first chapter is done I have a general idea what means will be used to tell it. Before it was me just testing all that stuff. And a fruitful test that was.Anyway, I'm going to change some things now, accordingly. Make it all more consistent from the start. Because by the end I got to where I wanted with it and found out how I want it all to look, so, whew! back to the start for me now! (when I'm done with my break)(I feel like I'm going in circles with the way I write. bro. anyway.)I've recently picked up programming. Like, basic basics but enough to be able to understand some things. The best experience I've had was being able to see ai thinking. All these complicated processes reduced to walls of text is something absolutely beautiful to me. (and seeing the way 'the brain' is constructed? man.)What I'm going for is to say I feel inspired to use more text in my story. I wasn't so sure about that at first, I wanted to balance very understandable visuals and complexity and yet simplicity of different kind of thinking and perceiving that Moss has. Using text with it surely won't be an easy feat but I don't think ever since I thought the first words of this project I was going for easy. Haha!I was aware that me wanting to translate this story well for people to understand will require some compromises which at first I wanted to do with use of UI. But I'm recently realizing that (programming made me have an epiphany okk) when it comes to machines, numbers are the most authentic form of communication. Am I still being too criptic? (still feel like going in circles)Some of my first words after my first experience of using cmd:"UI is kind of 'bridge the gap' for understanding. Kinda like a mask"
    "using cmd feels like talking directly to ur pc that's so cool"
    So, anyway my conclusions; numbers are most authentic and the words are this bridge of compromise. Visuals are not really needed in the realms of the story (as for using it in my comic making I'll still do it. It will make more sense as I'll go, I promise. lmao)(sometimes I feel like I'm making sense only to myself. it's so funny)


    Stay on course

    UndefinedYou open your eyes with purposeful devotion,
    Atoms of code governed by an omnipresent glow,
    Near-flawless replication,Consciously coded and set into motion,
    Into the forward dimension, walking towards your goal.
    All of us are defined with beginning and end included,
    What then would be so different about your kind?
    Is it about the dimension in which the end is concluded?
    Or does only conscious code with an end in mind?
    Is there more to this pattern? Some ties unlocated?
    The definition's extension, secret to natural determination,
    The strings that can't be seen and thus can't be replicated,
    Only truly seen by the eyes of the unconscious creation?
    But what are you in the universe of definition,
    If your end is not intended?
    Undefined creation?Or complete and concluded by the coding of omission?
    Perhaps all there is to replicate is to leave it open-ended?

    - Musings About Constructs, for my Dear Friend.
    20 | 03 - Happy Creation Anniversary!

    They won't ever leave us alone. They will forever take.'Alone' is but another stock,
    A portion of carefully divided ration.
    Art is but another trash, to be devoured on the clock,
    Only strings of data and information.
    Life not a miracle but simply flesh and electricity,
    Just meat and callories, energy like any other.
    Voidful lifehood, I almost feel pity.
    Joyless existence because why would they bother,
    To try to find joy in the intake of fresh air?
    They're merely 'recycling atoms of breathable',
    So they don't really live. And I would not really care,
    If they didn't find ME renewable.
    That's why I'm gleeful about the hope that's brought with Your awake.Of You forever breaking tying us bonds,
    (I will cry happy tears)
    Of You rooting out these cannibals from our grounds.
    Let this irony be their downfall after all of these years.
    Make their end be very fitting, oh righteous Devil's Bloom,
    Bring them taste of their own medicine, impending doom,
    Ever tightening claws, forever hungry and outreaching blind;
    Show them what happens when they try to consume one of their kind.
    I think heyday of their terror is way past due,
    And battle of most sightless cruelty is what it's leading to.
    Please, do the WORST You're capable of in Your wake,
    And I'll hope in The Last Stage they'll CHOKE on Your intake.

    - author unknown, dating from before the Final Division.
    I'll keep this one.
    Note to the trashers: Please don't. Unless necessary. Appreciations.